Turf Treatment Services

Our turf treatment options will keep your lawn barefoot ready and healthy all year. We offer flexible plans that can hold at bay even the toughest weeds. Give us a call to learn more or fill out the free quote application on this page.  Our professional and experienced technicians will have your lawn looking great in no-time.

What our turf care includes and does


What it is: Polymer sulfur-coated urea
What it does: 2.5 months of slow release to evenly feed your lawn between applications

Hard to Control Broadleaf Weeds

Examples include: Ground ivy, wild violet, common mallow, spurge, purslane, wood sorrel, clover

Winterize Fertilization

What it is: 50% faster release of ammonium sulfate fertilizer
What it does: Dark green lawn & grows roots deep. Promotes quicker springtime green-up.

Nutsedge Control

What it does: Controls nutsedge & sedge grass in the lawn
Examples include: Purple & yellow sedge, kyllinga

Annual Grassy Weeds

Requires separate treatment plan
Examples include: Nimblewill, dallisgrass, goosegrass, orchardgrass, poa annual bluegrass, quackgrass, windmill grass, bermudagrass, field paspalum

Specialized Weed Control

Offered on the 6 & 7-step plan
What it does: Controls Perennial grassy weeds in the lawn
Examples include: Crabgrass large & smooth, purple & yellow nutsedge, foxtail

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

What it does: Prevents broadleaf, grassy weeds, and crabgrass large & smooth from sprouting

Broadleaf Weed Control

What it does: Controls unwanted broadleaf weeds in lawn
Examples include: Thistle, chicory, yarrow, common ragweed, horse weed, dandelion, shepherd’s purse, bittercress, chickweed, lespedeza, henbit, purple deadnettle, buckhorn plantain, clover (*Late fall-clover treatment needed in Round #7)

Grub Control 1st Cycle

What it does: Controls Annual Beetles & 1st cycle of Semi-Annual Beetles in June

Grub Control 2nd Cycle

What it does: Controls 2nd cycle of Semi-Annual Beetles in August

What your neighbors are saying….

These guys are the best. They did a lot of work in my yard. Kevin was super responsive and committed.

Joao Moretto

These guys have been spraying my yard for 3 years. It looks great! They also did a pest inspection of my craw space and did an awesome job.


They did a pad for my building if I could give a 100 star I would great work nice people very respectful


Morin’s Landscaping for a job well done. I really appreciate the way take care of my lawn.


Very professional work. The workers are very Polite and hard working.